How we can help

Outsourced Paraplanning at its best

As you already know being a financial adviser comes with a lot of admin, and with the advent of MIFID II and IDD that is only set to get greater.

You may not be in the position to take on experienced permanent staff and so simply put we are here to free up your time by taking on that admin. How we help will be tailored to your individual circumstances, a few examples of how we can help are below.

Pre Advice – Pension Switch example

You would go see the client, complete your fact find and any corresponding paperwork (fact find, client agreements, data protection, letter of authority etc) and then send the file to us. We will check the file for any missing documents, contact the providers on your behalf, obtain relevant information, complete the suitability report, pass it through yoru compliance department (if needed), once ready we would provide you with all this information digitally (or upload it to your back office systems) and you can go out and see the client having not had to get involved with all the admin in the middle.

Post Advice – MIFID II and IDD Review

We can provide you with a pack (digitally or post) which includes all the relevant information needed to complete your obligations under MIFID II and IDD. Or we can post this to the client with a stamped addressed envelope so they can confirm they have received the pack and update us with any changes. We will then update you with a summary of what has been returned and discuss next steps.

Other Services

Tailored to you our services are wide, we are here to help and so what we offer will really be dependent on your needs.

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